(Review originally written at 23 July 2005)

This is a typical who-done-it movie. For some odd reason this movie is also at times regarded as an horror-movie and at times even film-noir, this movie however just is a plain good old thriller with a fine, well constructed story, nothing more, nothing less.

The movie its story is well constructed and it keeps you guessing till the end who is the serial killer. Every male character is somewhat suspicious, which helps to create a wonderful, mysterious and tense atmosphere. The climax is good and build up very well.

Thing I am not so enthusiastic about were the acting performances. Dorothy McGuire was overacting as the mute main character. McGuire is probably best known for playing in "Old Yeller" and the Elia Kazan movie "Gentleman's Agreement", for which so also won an Oscar. Even worse was Ethel Barrymore, she is terrible irritating in her acting just as her two brothers Lionel and John. I can't believe she received an Oscar nomination for her role in this movie! No sorry, guess I am not the biggest Barrymore siblings fan around...

For the people who love a good thriller with a typical who-done-it story, this is simply a must see!


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