(Review originally written at 5 June 2005)

There are several problems with "Seabiscuit". It most certainly wasn't the movie I expected it to be. I expected something way more dramatic and 'epic'. The movie was a bit of a disappointment for me but fair is fair, it still is a good movie!

Main problem for me were the characters. I couldn't really relate to any of them and therefor I didn't got emotionally involved with them or the story.

Also problem is, is how incredible predictable this movie is. Yes, I know, it is based on a true story so the outcome of the movie is already set but if they had paid some more attention to a few things they could have had improved the movie by making it more 'tense' and certainly less predictable. For instance every time you hear heroic music, you don't need a magic 8-ball to predict the outcome of a race and every time you hear dramatic music you know something bad is going to happen...there are no surprises in this movie really. It's almost like you are watching a documentary at times.

Still it's a movie made with lots of profession and passion, both in front and behind the camera. The actors are good but they don't really have got an awful lot to do since the movie is almost documentary like. A bit of a waste of a good cast. William H. Macy plays about the only interesting and enjoyable character of the entire movie. Visually there is nothing wrong with the movie. The costumes are impressive and the atmosphere simply great. Still the close-ups of Tobey Maguire during the races look a bit laughable since it is pretty obvious that he is not riding a real horse.

Not a movie that I got carried away by but at least I enjoyed myself while watching this, thanks to the professionalism the movie was made with.


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