(Review originally written at 4 June 2005)

This erotic-horror movie is an extremely annoying one. There is absolutely no story and the movie is impossible to follow, also due to the horrible accents of the main characters.

Why on Earth did they ever casted two over 40 year old to play the main characters? They also managed to cast about the two least attractive 40 year old which makes this movie also a disgusting one. Yesterday I posted a comment for "Dracula Vs. Frankenstein" saying that the Frankenstein creature never looked worse, well I was wrong, this Frankenstein monster is even uglier and she doesn't need no make-up effects for that!

And what is up with the endings of Jesus Franco's movies? He always seems to put in a surprise ending in his movies but problem is that the endings never make any sense and are extremely confusing for all the wrong reasons.

Every time when you think you have figured the story out, it turns out to be totally different. Nothing about the story makes any sense and the movie therefor is almost completely unwatchable.

And what was with those high peeping sound during the 'resurection' scene's? I thought my head was going to explode and I seriously had to turn the sound off to not go completely mad.

Horrible, disgusting movie!


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