(Review originally written at 28 September 2005)

The movie its title is in my opinion extremely lame and so is the humor in this movie. It's a very easy and quite unimaginative parody of "Saving Private Ryan". Sure, there are some funny moment but mostly the movie is filled with some, let's say not so subtle humor.

Still this short movie certainly deserves credit. It deserves credit for how it looks. Visually the movie is nicely made and nicely imitates some of the scene's from "Saving Private Ryan".

Unfortunately the movie is quite short. I have a feeling that with a longer running time with some more 'story' in it the movie could had really become interesting and entertaining.

The movie is certainly watchable but only recommendable when you have also seen "Saving Private Ryan". Only then you'll be able to understand the 'jokes'. Still this movie is not must see and it's not exactly the worlds smartest and greatest movie parody around.

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