(Review originally written at 27 September 2005)

This movie almost literally cost nothing to make but this is not notable on screen. The movie is good looking and made with lots of style and flair.

I'm probably not the biggest Darren Aronofsky fan around, since I'm not always fond of his visual style but I still respect him as a movie artist. I even quite liked his style for this movie, even though some of the moments were still a bit too weird for my taste. He uses a similar atmospheric, visual style as he used for "Requiem for a Dream" but difference in my opinion is that that style works better for this movie than it did in "Requiem for a Dream".

The movie is definitely a case of style over substance. The story itself is even quite boring when you think about it and certainly is not always understandable but it truly is the style that makes this movie an unique and also successful one. Its low budget movie making at its very best; Minimun resources, maximum result.

The actors aren't really the best ever and that is quite notable throughout the movie but like mentioned before, it doesn't really matter since this movie is all about the style and atmosphere and with that there is little wrong in this movie.

In a way, a real must see.


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