(Review originally written at 19 July 2005)

Reason why this movie in a way is perhaps a bit of a must see is because this movie features Jean Harlow in her last role before her death. She collapsed on the set and died not much later in the hospital at the age of 26. She must have been quite ill during the entire production of this movie. Is this perhaps also a reason why her character becomes ill in the movie? Because there is no real obvious other reason I can think of as of why they put that in the movie, it had little use or value to the movie its story or her character.

But I surely wish that her last movie would had been a different and more worthy one. This comedy offers little entertainment and perhaps even is a bit boring at times because of the formulaic story. As a comedy it simply ain't funny enough and as a drama it ain't powerful enough. So it's a bit of a 'pointless' movie to watch. It's an extremely average romantic movie were oh so many movies like this one had been made of already.

Still the atmosphere is quite good. The movie has a kind of an almost childish innocence that lot of movies made for WW II had. During and after WW II, movie's became more serious and perhaps also more meaningful. It's obvious that this movie was made just to bring shear joy and entertainment to the people in the cinema. The whole singing in the train sequence's is perhaps the best example of the movie its innocence.

Clark Gable is quite good in his role but the line's he has to deliver are simply at times just plain annoying. Also the fact that Lionel Barrymore was in this movie didn't do much good for me. As an actor I can't really stand Lionel Barrymore, he so often irritates me.

Most certainly not all that recommendable, unless you're interested in seeing Jean Harlow in her last role.


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