(Review originally written at 12 March 2005)

The movie is just as ridiculous as the story!

"Runaway Bride" is predictable and lame. Even fans of the romantic comedy genre will be disappointed by it. For a comedy at has an awful few laughs and all the characters are stereotypical. This movie doesn't offer much pleasure or original surprises, story wise.

It sounds weird but there absolutely is no chemistry between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Because of this alone the movie already is an huge failure.

But thing that bugged me the most were the 'amature home video's' in the movie. They were filmed completely with different camera angles and were edited perfectly together. Couldn't they at least had tried to make it look like it was filmed by an amateur? Yes, it sounds nit-picky but seriously, it ruined a lot for me. I absolutely hated it and it seriously made me mad. I really don't understand what they were thinking while filming it...It's sort of symbolic for how the entire movie is; poorly made, not believable, simply a failure.

Not exactly the worst movie ever but if you want to see a romantic comedy there are better movies to watch out there. Thrust me.


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