(Review originally written at 12 March 2005)

This really is a movie with zero story. After you've watched it you're wondering by yourself; now what was that all about? The movie is not tense, not emotional and for a comedy it is not funny enough. Basically it is a two hour movie about nothing.

The cast is all wrong. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are simply not believable as 'tough' gangsters. And Jennifer Lopez seriously is the most unbelievable movie lesbian in history. And I don't mean unbelievable like in a compliment. I'm not one of those 'Bennifer' haters but as a fair neutral viewer of this movie I have to simply admit that they were awful, as was the movie in general. Cameo's from Christopher Walken and Al Pacino were the highlights of the movie. Seriously, Al Pacino's role is what make's this movie still a bit watchable. Also Lenny Venito was somewhat enjoyable in his villain role.

The pace is also totally wrong. Most of the scene's are taking too long and are dragging on. The movie should at least had been halve an hour shorter. Also maybe if the movie had completely been made in comedy style it would had perhaps been a better or more enjoyable movie to watch.

What was director/writer Martin Brest thinking? That he was making a new "True Romance"? Looking at the movie, I think he thought and tried to make a "True Romance" like movie but the movie misses all the elements that a movie needs to be a good one.

Still the movie was mildly entertaining at times. I have to admit that I laughed at some of the jokes and moments so I was not totally bored while watching.

Not a complete train-wreck but also not exactly recommendable either.


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