(Review originally written at 19 February 2004)

"Romeo + Juliet" is a daring movie. The idea of making a "hip" version of the classic Shakespeare story set in present time might sound strange and like a bad idea to say the last. However it works surprising well and effective and for this alone the movie and director Baz Luhrmann deserve credit.

The power of the movie is in the unique style. It seems unusually in the beginning but once you are used to it you will notice how wonderful it works and makes the movie in a way an unique visual little masterpiece with wonderful sets and costumes.

The acting is good. Especially Leonardo DiCaprio, Pete Postlethwaite and Paul Sorvino are great. Also the chemistry between Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes is good and makes the love story work. There is a real spark between those two.

Still the movie has it's flaws and at times the style is simply too much and too weird and to be honest the movie is a bit too short.

Not a great movie but watchable and recommendable for its style alone.


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