(Review originally written at 6 February 2004)

Not even Tim Burton's unique and great style can save this movie.

There are several bad things about "Planet of the Apes". (One of them is the fact that this movie should never have been made at all but let's put that aside.) It might sound strange but the thing that troubled and disappointed me the most was that the humans in the movie could all speak normal English and all acted like almost normal humans and some even seemed to have make up and hairdressers! Another troubling thing was Mark Wahlberg. Now, I'm not one of those people who have something against Mark Wahlberg, not at all but he was simply totally miscast. He is too much of an hero, which is not the right type of guy for this movie. And let's not even get started about Estella Warren or Tim Roth's overacting and some of the unneeded and weak characters in a disappointing story with an ending so weird that not even the smartest person will understand it.

Now, I must say that the movie has some nice sets, costumes and make up that are typically trademark Tim Burton, the special effects are also quite good. It's also good that there still is plenty of humor to enjoy but it's not enough to make the movie interesting.

There are some nice scene's but there also are some extremely disappointing scene's. The hunt is pretty cool (although still not as cool as the '68 hunt version) but the end battle is extremely weak and disappointing and ends too abrupt. Especially the Colonel Attar vs. Krull battle is laughable and a disgrace for the two characters that were about the most interesting two in the movie.

I do not hate this movie I simply did not enjoy it. Only watchable for the Tim Burton fans and for the nice Charlton Heston cameo.


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