(Review originally written at 17 February 2005)

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After 4 Rocky movies it is hard to still come up with something original again. "Rocky V" is trying to be different with the story, some things work and others don't but overall "Rocky V" is a worthy thus far last movie of the Rocky series.

It's too bad that of all the Rocky movies, this is probably the one with the least 'Rocky feeling'. Yes it is great to see that after 4 Rocky movies all of the cast members are still together but the movie misses some typical kind of Rocky elements such as a spectacular boxing ending in the ring. Probably most disappointing is that Rocky doesn't return to the ring anymore, had he returned to the ring at the ending to face Tommy Gunn I would had rate this movie way higher, I'm sure about that.

Still "Rocky V" has some good things that weren't present in the previous movies. Of all the Rocky movies this movie has far more emotions and drama. I'm sure not every Rocky fan is waiting for that but I thought it worked well for the main character.

Sadly the whole Tommy Gunn character didn't worked well in the movie, mainly because, well he just ain't no Rocky and on top of that Tommy Morrison can't act. Talia Shire on the other hand once more shines as Rocky's wife.

In my opinion good and original enough to watch.


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