(Review originally written at 17 February 2005)

Even though some of the events feel rather far fetched the movie still knows how to perfectly capture a certain amount of realism also thanks to the solid acting performances.

The movie feels realistic because it is about every day characters and the movie shows how one mistake can ruin lives and release the dark side out of an every normal day person. The movie knows how to perfectly capture all of these emotions and makes us feel for the characters even though we might not all agree with their actions.

What makes "House of Sand and Fog" also better than the average movie is that you can see it had been made with lot's of profession. I'm not only talking about the acting but also the directing and cinematography that is absolutely beautiful. Both cinematic and artistic a successful movie.

Ben Kingsley really is superb but really, so is the rest of the cast. Really worthy of all the Oscar nominations.

A nearly perfect dramatic movie with strong characters and also strong solid acting by the main cast.


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