(Review originally written at 14 September 2005)

"The Rock" honestly is one of the best action movies made over the last couple of years. It has everything a good action movie needs; gun fights, explosions and a villainous plot that could kill thousands of people. It's a non-stop entertaining action packed movie.

The movie already begins really good and features one of the better movie openings ever. After that the movie never loses its pace and its basically one spectacular action sequence after the other. The movie features some professionally made action sequences that work very well thanks to the nimble cinematography by John Schwartzman the good editing from action movie specialist Richard Francis-Bruce but mainly thanks to the spectacular movie score composed by Nick Glennie-Smith, Hans Zimmer and friends and of course also thanks to the directing of action movie specialist Michael Bay, who always (well, almost always) knows how to create an entertaining action filled, blockbuster movie.

Difference with most other action movies is that this one features some good and well known actors. Sean Connery shows that he can still handle action roles despite his age and although Nicolas Cage probably wouldn't had been my first choice for the role he plays his role and alright and believable enough. The main 'villain' is played by the always excellent actor Ed Harris. The rest of the cast consists out of other well known actors such as; David Morse, John Spencer, John C. McGinley, Steve Harris, Michael Biehn (in a typical Michael Biehn role) and uncredited roles played by Xander Berkeley and Stuart Wilson. Some amazingly great casting if you ask me, especially for a type of action movie like this one is.

Action movie fans will simply enjoy this movie. Its filled with 'over-the-top' action sequences featuring lots of gun fights and plenty of big explosions and one memorable car chase scene through the streets of San Fransisco. Everything is almost all of the time very over-the-top but its all done so beautifully over-the-top that it is no complaint.

Simply sit back and enjoy!


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