(Review originally written at 14 September 2005)

This animated masterpiece is and will always stay one of the best romantic movies ever created.

This is one of those rare movies in which everything comes perfectly together. The characters, the music, the humor, the pace, the story everything in this movie is just perfect. It's a highly memorable movie that everyone should watch at least once in their lifetime.

The movie is beautifully animated and it features some of the best Disney characters. Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Lumiere and of course Belle and the Beast are highly memorable and very well constructed characters. Also the villain role Gaston which is always one of the most important elements of a Disney movie is a good one. However the villain isn't as prominent to the story as in most other Disney animated movies is the case. This movie truly is about love and the beauty inside. The movie its love story is nicely supported by the very good songs composed by Alan Menken and with lyrics by Howard Ashman. Unfortunately this was Howard Ashman's last project and he died before he could receive his well deserved Oscar for this movie. Unique fact is that this movie was also even nominated for the 'Best Picture' Oscar. Something that was really well deserved by the way. The story is quite 'mature' but also there is still plenty to enjoy for the little one's here. The movie is filled with lots of humor and imaginative characters. The movie is told in very good quick pace and features some of the best editing I have ever seen in an animated movie.

The voice cast consists out of some good actors; Angela Lansbury and Jerry Orbach are especially perfect for their roles.

The movie features some unforgettable classic moments and is a milestone in animated movie making. An highly recommendable animated romantic movie that shall always remain one of the best romantic movies ever made. This movie is recommendable to everyone, even those who normally don't like romantic stories and movies, thrust me, you'll love this movie.


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