(Review originally written at 28 July 2005)

This is an highly original and refreshing horror movie about cannibals told with lots of well placed black-comedy. There never has been a movie like this before and there most likely will never be one again.

Once when I was switching channels I came across the last hour of "Ravenous". Even though I had no idea what happened in the first part of the movie I was still intrigued by the movie and couldn't keep my eyes of the screen. I was both entertained and thrilled by it. I remember especially that the unusual but fitting musical score by Damon Albarn and Michael Nyman grabbed my attention. This was a year or so ago and now finally I have seen this entire movie in total!

The movie features some highly all in a way eccentric characters but it never goes over-the-top or becomes ridiculous. It makes the movie entertaining but also keeps the other more exciting and mysterious moments of the movie powerful and thrilling.

Robert Carlyle is especially good as the main 'villain' and Guy Pearce is also highly believable in his role as cowardly captain during the Mexican-American war. The two of them really carry this movie and are supported by an highly talented supporting cast consisting out of; the always enjoyable Jeffrey Jones, Jeremy Davies in a typical role for him, David Arquette in an highly amusing role and Neal McDonough, now better known perhaps for his role in "Band of Brothers" and "Minority Report".

If you're in for something totally new and refreshing and/or you are a fan of the horror genre this is simply a must see for you! One of the most underrated and unknown movies of the last couple of years.


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