(Review originally written at 28 July 2005)

Yes this is a Tarantino movie alright there is some trademark typical Tarantino dialog and a complicated and ingenious story. But something is missing here, especially compared to Tarantino's his other work.

Main problem is I think the characters. They are good all and eccentric in a way but they are not really memorable. Especially the main character Jackie Brown (Pam Grier) is disappointing. She isn't really strong enough as a character to carry this entire movie. Real main character of the movie to me was Samuel L. Jackson but why oh why did you had to wear that odd looking pony-tail Sam? Character that I truly liked was Robert De Niro's. He plays a sort of loser role like you wouldn't expect from him in a movie like this. The rest of the character aren't really strong or interesting enough to carry this entire movie.

Really strongest element of the movie is the brilliantly written script that once again is filled with some typical Tarantino elements and twists. Yes, the ending might had been a bit weak and perhaps disappointing but no it did not ruined the movie for me. I still enjoyed this movie, it just wasn't as good as I had hoped for. It was kind of like the movie "Out of Sight" by Steven Soderbergh which has a kind of similar build-up-style and story, it comes very close at times but it never quite takes the cake.

Still a perfectly watchable, mostly fun movie but still you're better of watching Tarantino's other work.


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