(Review originally written at 17 January 2004)

"Pleasantville" is an excellent movie but with such an unique story you would expect more interesting elements.

The movie has an high entertainment and feel good value which is thanks to the nice and special atmosphere of Pleasantville which is a world on it's own where everything is pleasant and seems perfect. The 50's atmosphere of it is simply wonderful.

The story is a bit lame and easy at times and filled with some plot holes but however it doesn't take away the fun from the movie. Still it's a shame that they didn't used some more interesting elements that easily could have been used for the movie. There are some serious missed opportunities. Still the story has some great elements and moments that are at times almost magical also thanks to the wonderful musical score by Randy Newman. The story also has some nice references to the bible and even the WW II Nazi regime.

The cast is good, especially the male cast of which I especially will mention; Jeff Daniels, William H. Macy and last but definitely not least; J.T. Walsh in an enjoyable role as mayor of Pleasantville, which was one of his last roles before his sudden death in early 1998.

As last I want to mention the subtle special effects that were quite good and unique especially for 1998 standards.

An enjoyable movie!

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