(Review originally written at 17 January 2004)

The concept of the movie is great and original, however the story is weak and gets later on in the movie unbelievable when all logic gets abandoned.

The movie start of quite well and promises to get very interesting and has some nice thriller elements, however halve way through the story takes a turn and all the feeling of tension between the two main characters (young boy Renfro and old Nazi McKellen) is suddenly gone because the story gets unbelievable and because of that also uninteresting to watch.

Still the chemistry between the two characters is good and for that alone the movie is worth watching. Ian McKellen is surprising good as rotten old Nazi war criminal that fled to America after WW II and Renfro also once again proofs that he is a young talented actor.

Decent movie that could have been great but still has some nice thriller elements in it and some well done scene's which makes the movie watchable but not recommendable.


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