(Review originally written at 8 October 2005)

First of all, I am not a 'die hard Pink Floyd fan', though I can appreciate most of their songs and Roger Waters his work, plus I simply can't deny that "The Wall" is one of the greatest albums of all time. This movie helps you to appreciate the album even more. The movie its visuals support the lyrics from the songs from the album and helps you to understand what the lyrics are all truly about. It makes the movie work both as a rock/music movie and as a statement.

The movie features lots of 'beautiful' visuals and is filled with symbolism and deeper meanings. It's really one of those movies in which you discover new things, you hadn't noticed before, on every viewing. The movie uses both live action footage and animated sequences. Both styles mix really well and especially the animated sequences are something truly unforgettable. A real piece of art! Especially the in my opinion, classic ending is a true pleasure to watch.

The movie has lots of criticism on society and features elements such as; Relationships, childhood, WWII drug abuse, sex and fascism. It clearly is not a movie for just everyone. Most people will most likely find this movie just too 'odd' for their taste. Yes, visually it is an odd movie but the lyrics helps you to understand what this movie is truly about. I shall not pretend as if I fully understood every element of the movie but like I said before, you'll discover some new things every time you watch this movie.

In my opinion everyone should give this movie a chance, at least once but it's recommended to watch this movie several times before judging it.


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