(Review originally written at 17 October 2004)

Well, at least the movie was better than I expected. The story was quite good although not terribly original. But overall I enjoyed this movie.

Main reason why this movie is forgettable is because of some of the story elements. Some moments really reminded me of movies like "Minority Report" and the Kevin Costner movie "No Way Out". Still the movie had some powerful and suspenseful moments. Unfortunately the movie has a slow start and the movie in general is too short (only 105 minutes).

The movie also suffers from some unhappy casting choices. Washington's role is coming too fast after his role in "Training Day" and Eva Mendes (who also played Washington's wife in "Training Day") isn't always very believable in her role as tough and smart detective.

Visually the movie is above average. There is a good quick pace and some at times impressive camera work by Theo van de Sande who is currently working on the new Paul Verhoeven movie "Zwartboek".

An enjoyable movie but don't expect fireworks though.


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