(Review originally written at 22 October 2004)

"Gothika" is filled with flaws and some pretty big plot holes. Still it's a movie made with profession and style and it has some good acting in it which makes the movie still watchable.

"Gothika" isn't the most original movie ever made. It reminded me too much of "What Lies Beneath" from Robert Zemeckis who was also the producer for this movie (coincidence?).

The movie also had another problem, it didn't scare me probably because the tension was build up right which I think is also because the movie itself is too short and the ending comes to soon. The movie has some missed opportunities because of this. The movie had a good dark atmosphere though!

The story is not only flawed and filled with plot holes, it also is predictable and you can see the end twist coming from miles away (at least I did). Actually when you think about it, the story is just plain dumb and silly and doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

The acting in the movie is pretty solid. Halle Berry was a good leading lady and Robert Downey Jr. impressed me (what a comeback by him!).

A watchable movie but no thumbs up for this one.


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