(Review originally written at 30 October 2006)

This is one of my favorites. It has lots of fun moments and a great comical premise that features some of the most fun characters ever appeared in a Laurel & Hardy movie.

The movie really has a great comical story. Oliver is planning to get married and starts making arrangement at home, which of course he, with the help of his good pal Stanley totally messes things up. However when the father of the bride (James Finlayson) she's a picture of the man his daughter is getting married to, he forbids the wedding (who can blame him). For Oliver there is only one solution, elope with his bride so they can get secretly married, with the help from Stanley. But of course nothing is as easy as it seems especially not with Stan helping out.

The story provides the movie with multiple great and hilarious comical sequence and moments. There are really moments in the movie that made me laugh out loud. The movie is also made fun thanks to its fine comedy characters. Of course James 'D'oh' Finlayson is great and his comical timing is excellent. Fun was Babe London as the bride-to-be, who looks disturbingly a lot like Oliver Hardy. At the end of the movie Ben Turpin also shows up as the cross-eyed Justice of the Peace, who provides the movie with even more and harder laughs and a wonderful fun finale.

The movie provides some great non-stop laughs, as the movie is fast paced and features lots of quick slapstick moments from the comedy duo and the other characters (Finlayson mostly, who also gets to lots of comedy work in this one.). The movie is set at quite many different locations for Laurel & Hardy standards but it works out for this movie, since the story and slapstick of the movie are so well constructed. They're of course wonderfully timed and executed by the boys and the rest of the supporting cast- and directed by Laurel & Hardy specialist James W. Horne.

A great fun comedy short that provides some real solid guaranteed laughs!


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