(Review originally written at 30 October 2006)

This is a very amusing silent slapstick short from Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, this time opposing Edgar Kennedy.

This time Edgar Kennedy does not play a police officer but he is on the other side of the law; a person who hasn't paid his debt for a radio. Laurel & Hardy are sent out to collect the debt and Kennedy does everything he can to keep the boys out of his house, so he can keep his radio.

The movie is fast paced with slapstick moments that rapidly come after each other. Even the moments before the real 'action' and main plot line kicks in, are fast paced and highly amusing and involves Laurel & Hardy regular Charlie Hall, among others. So yes, you can really say that "Bacon Grabbers" is a movie that constantly amuses in a good fast comedy pace.

The real fun really begins from the moment the boys arrive at the Kennedy residence. The boys at first try to serve a summons and once they finally achieved that they try to repossess the radio. The events that happen during these moments is slapstick comedy at its best. Not too much story, just some good old fashioned visual and exaggerated comedy going on the screen, meaning lots of running around and wrecking things, especially towards the ending.

Beside Laurel & Hardy regulars Charlie Hall and Edgar Kennedy, the 18-year old Jean Harlow also shows up once more toward the ending of the movie, in a very small role as the Mrs. Kennedy.

Not the best known Laurel & Hardy movie but definitely worth checking out.


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