(Review originally written at 24 February 2006)

Talking about over-hyped...This independent movie does not live up to its hype. It's a poorly put together low budget movie that nowhere gets tense or engaging. Still the originality of the concept makes this movie a somewhat watchable one, even though the end result still remains disappointing.

It looked as if like they didn't even had a finished script while shooting this movie. To me it seemed like they randomly shot some sequences and the movie was put together in the editing room, out of several hours of random shot footage. It seemed like they were improvising as they went along. At times there was really no connectivity between the different sequences and the time-line was flawed.

Yes, it really is the amateur look and feeling of the movie that kills it. The sound is really poor at times, as is the camera-work. The dialog of the movie was perhaps even worse. And no, I'm not really talking about the dialog when they are in the water but more about the dialog before that, when the movie is still set on the land. The dialog is really about nothing and incredibly lame at times. Also this of course can also be due to the poor actors that deliver those lines.

The concept of the movie is great and it sounds like great thriller material. The movie however feels really distant and the characters and storytelling are not engaging enough. Because of this the movie really lacks tension and realism, which is also due to the amateur quality of filming of course.

Not bad but still very flawed piece of independent film-making.


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