(Review originally written at 3 August 2006)

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This movie is entertaining and good enough but from an Errol Flynn movie you would normally expect some more fireworks. The story for most part is good but the movie is lacking in both some action and real tension, which makes this movie a bit of a bore to watch.

The movie begins well and promising. The story seems solid but some unlikely and ridicules events in the story almost completely ruin the movie its story and credibility. Especially the ending is disappointing as well as ridicules, when the Nazi's are building a complete bomber from the parts that are in a couple of crates. It's ridicules and helps to make this movie a bit of a disappointing one. The movie also begins to drag pretty fast after the promising beginning. The second halve of the movie is especially a bore, when it starts to drag on for too long.

Still it entertains enough to make this movie still a watchable one. Errol Flynn plays his character well and convincing and proofs that he can still play a great leading man, even when the movie itself is a lacking one.

The movie would had been a so much better one if it had had some more action and tense moments in it. It instead now falls flat as well as an action movie as a WW II thriller.

The story itself is original and interesting enough, had it not been filled with so many ridicules moments. It's also sort of ridicules to see how morally right and the Errol Flynn character is but that is sort of a trademark for all the characters he ever played. And of course the Nazi's in this movie are made out to look as ruthless cold-hearted villains. It's pretty obvious that this movie was of course a piece of anti-Nazi propaganda, released in 1943.

Still watchable, as long as you don't expect too much fireworks from it or of Flynn.


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