(Review originally written at 3 August 2006)

This is a good and also certainly entertaining movie to watch but from a movie titled "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers", you would expect to learn something more of the main characters. The movie however lacks some real depth and it doesn't answer the question; who exactly was Peter Sellers?

The movie is certainly creative and fun to watch. It doesn't make the movie as heavy or formulaic as any other biopic. I have to give the movie-makers credit here for this. Not only are there countless creative put together sequences, also the story is told in a very original and creative. It however unfortunately also means at the same time that the main character feels pretty distant and the movie never really goes deep enough into things. It makes "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers" a fun, original and entertaining movie but at the same time also a mostly shallow one.

Watching this movie never fully makes it clear who exactly Peter Sellers was and why he was and did the way he was and did.

The storytelling itself is also flawed at moments. It concentrates to much on the main character and not the important persons around him. Persons such as Blake Edwards and Stanley Kubrick who obviously played an important part in his life and career, pop out of nowhere and disappear just as easy without showing any significance to the movie its story or forming of the main character. The movie is just basically the one even in Sellers life after the other without ever feeling a real connection. This is certainly not the most consistent biopic around.

But besides of its flaws its still an entertaining and good movie to watch. You will certainly not be bored, since there is always much interesting going on, on screen. It's a colorful movie, told in a fast pace, that really lays the emphasis on the humor. You can say that is movie is true to Peter Sellers spirit.

The character of Peter Sellers is perfectly portrayed by Geoffrey Rush. He really IS Peter Sellers in this movie, especially when he plays the Clouseau character. It's fun to see him in all these classic Seller roles, that everybody knows. The rest of the actors get a bit muddled in into this movie. Fine actors such as Charlize Theron, Emily Watson, John Lithgow, Stanley Tucci and Stephen Fry are also present in the movie but some of the roles make you wonder why they are portrayed by them. Most roles are pretty uninteresting and not challenging enough for an actor, since they get very little interesting to do. A bit of a waste of the talent involved.

A good, entertaining and creative movie but if you want to learn more about Peter Sellers look somewhere else.


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