(Review originally written at 4 February 2005)

Just like "Citizen Kane", it's not exactly THE best movie ever made but still a very revolutionary and important one and above all, a real classic!

I think that "North by Northwest" can be compared to an early James Bond movie and can be regarded as one of the most early 'modern' action movie. Some sequences are really spectacular and are shot and edited in the same way as most action movies are these days. Of course the crop duster sequence is a classic but I like the spectacular finale on Mt. Rushmore even better.

The music by Bernard Hermann, is just as Hitchcock's directing ahead of its time. There also is some lovely cinematography by yet again Robert Burks.

The story is really exciting and it has all the elements that makes a movie a spectacular adventure to watch. Is there anything wrong with this movie? In my opinion not. The movie certainly isn't the most exciting or thrilling Hitchcock movie but it might very well be the most entertaining one also thanks to some well scripted humor.

Also look out for a young Martin Landau as the henchman Leonard.


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