(Review originally written at 5 February 2005)

Despite some flaws, especially in the story, "Collateral" is a thrilling and suspenseful movie with a great style and atmosphere.

Perhaps most surprising thing about the movie is Tom Cruise. He is great as a bad guy and almost unrecognizable. Tom Cruise is one of those actors that you'll always recognize in a movie as being just Tom Cruise. At times throughout this movie I forgot I was watching Tom Cruise, I was watching Vincent! Jamie Foxx was also great, I was enthusiastic about this young actor ever since "Any Given Sunday" came out in 1999. I'm sure he'll win his well deserved Oscar some day. Perhaps this year? He is being nominated for both his role in this movie and for his leading role in "Ray". Looks like 2005 will be Jamie Foxx's year.

The character development in the movie is great. We slowly get to know the 2 main characters and see Foxx his character slowly transform.

Leave it to Michael Mann to keep this movie interesting to watch the whole time, even the scene's in which nothing happens. The movie is more a thriller than an action movie but when the few action sequences come, it truly jumps of the screen. The movie also features some of the most realistic executions since the "Godfather" movies.

If you can look past the flaws of the story, you'll find "Collateral" a true treat.


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