(Review originally written at 28 November 2004)

This Muppet version is a wonderful version of the famous Dickens novel. It is really heartwarming and delivers the story and its moral well and it's filled with great songs and fun characters.

Michael Caine is a great perfect Scrooge, he plays the classic character wonderfully without overacting, something that other famous or non-famous actors in Muppet movies always tend to do. Also the Muppet's themselves deserve credit, they yet again show their great acting skills. Robin the Frog might very well be the best and most heartwarming Tiny Tim of movie history.

The music by Miles Goodman and the songs by Paul Williams are surprising good. The movie is filled with great sing-a-long songs like a good Disney movie from the 90's also had.

The movie is an enjoyment to watch for both children and adults. It's a wonderful way for children to get familiar with the classic Dickens story. It's fun but heartwarming and effective as well without forcing it.

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