(Review originally written at 29 November 2004)

Yes, the talent is really showing! Along with "The Sugarland Express" this is the movie that can be held responsible for Spielberg's breakthrough.

How often does it happen that a TV movie gets a thearetical release? Not often I think, a movie has to be really good and special for that and "Duel" truly is a rare movie like that.

What it is that the movie makes so tense is hard to describe. It probably is the lack of explanation. It is never explained who the truck driver is and what his motivation was. Also the tension is build up perfectly and the movie is just one big chase that will keep you in the edge of your seat.

The cinematography is simple but yet effective. It fits the movie's story perfectly and helps to add to the tension.

It has to be said; Dennis Weaver does a great job. Although his voice over at times throughout the movie doesn't feel nessecary and distracting from some of the scene's, such as the whole bar scene, I have a feeling that the scene would had been more effective if it would have left the images and Dennis Weaver's expressions speak for itself.

A real tense movie, with an ending that doesn't disappoint.

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