(Review originally written at 30 January 2006)

Like the sub-title for this movie already says; It's a very loose and free adaptation of the Shakesperean play.

Most Macbeth adaptations are a long watch, Herman Finkers however succeeds in telling the story in just 30 minutes, without ever giving you the feeling that you're missing something out of the story. Of course Finkers takes lots of liberties by simply skipping some parts, at times because of the simple reason; 'it's raining outside, so lets continue to the next act that's set indoors'.

This animated movie is a great feature if you want to familiarize yourself a bit for the first time with the story of Macbeth.

Some of the elements in word jokes in this movie work extremely well and provides some serious laughs at times. It's really 'dumb' and simple humor but it's oh so hilarious!

In his Dutch cabaret show "De zon gaat voor niks onder, ze moet morgen toch weer op" Finkers performance this Macbeth tale on stage with the very same lines and it works just as 'powerful' and good as this animated version.


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