(Review originally written at 29 January 2006)

This short-animated movie focuses on the question; What if Christ was born in Twente?

The movie is mostly created by Dutch cabaret comedian Herman Finkers, who besides the script also provides most of the voices. Finkers is well known for his very dry humor and way of performing it and visual jokes and a large amount of puns and word jokes. The dry humor, pun and word jokes are also present in this short movie and it provides the movie with some absolutely hilarious moments that are just beyond silly at times. It all is very dry and hilarious serious narrated by Finkers himself.

The animations are from John Croezen. The animations are simple but serve their purpose. Too bad that some of the animations look quite rushed at times.

Most of the events in the movie don't make any sense. A tractor and telephone in the year 0? The movie is filled with small elements like these and it's the silliness and very dry wit that makes this movie so priceless hilarious and original at the same time.

It's really a matter of taste of course but this is the sort of silly humor that I like. Watch it if you want to have some serious laughs and if the alternate story about the birth of Christ doesn't offend you of course.


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