(Review originally written at 15 July 2006)

It of course sounds like a silly statement, calling this movie the most realistic vampire ever made, since its very safe to assume that vampires never really excited at all. But that's not what I mean by calling this movie realistic. I mean that it's detailed, it concentrates on the issues what it means to be a vampire, what will it do to you, what's the purpose, how to handle the immortality etcetera. It's far from your average every day vampire movie. It's stylish, detailed and full of deeper meanings and therefor provides us a realistic view at what it means to be a vampire.

The movie tells the epic tale of the vampire Louis (Brad Pitt). A vampire who still has a sense of decency and remorse, much to the annoyance of his 'maker' Lestat (Tom Cruise). Louis is full of questions by which he is torn- and that he wants answered. What follows is a realistic view in the world of vampires. It takes us to the sensual, almost erotic like, world of vampires but also shows us the dark and less pleasant side of the vampire world.

Above all "Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles" is a very stylish made movie. The movie looks beautiful with nice looking sets and period costumes. Despite being full of deeper meanings and long, poetic like conversations, it yet still always manages to be interesting, as well as at times exciting.

What makes the story definitely work are the fine actors that portray the characters. We see Tom Cruise in a role we don't see him often enough in; that of a villainous character. He plays his character with style and delivers an unforgettable performance. He makes the character Lestat one of the best and most memorable vampires, next to father of all vampire. Dracula himself. I'm quite surprised that he didn't even got an Oscar-nod at least for his role. Also impressive was Kirsten Dunst in an early role. Also she, plays one of her best roles out of her career, at the age of 12. Other fine well known actors in this movie are Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, Antonio Banderas and Stephen Rea, who is a very underrated and underused actor in my opinion.

The beautiful Oscar nominated music is from Elliot Goldenthal, who unfortunately doesn't that often compose more scores like this one.

A vampire movie that doesn't concentrate on the formulaic stereotypical vampire movie elements but instead chooses a realistic approach with deeper meanings. Stylish movie with great performances, that is a must-see for every vampire fan.


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