(Review originally written at 26 November 2004)

"I Walked with a Zombie" is actually nothing more than an average early horror movie with a simple story. Still the movie is a good one, thanks to the very atmospheric and creepy mood.

The movie is very much like horror movies from the 70's, so in a way it was ahead of its time. The fact that this movie is about a zombie also indicates that it was ahead of its time. Zombie movies became extremely popular again later in the 70's. It's not the first zombie movie (I think that was "White Zombie" from 1932 with Bela Lugosi?) but it certainly is one of the most memorable ones.

It's pretty obvious that the movie wasn't shot in the West-Indies and it's some obvious studio work but with World War II still going on that is no wonder of course.

The acting isn't really anything special and so isn't the story like I mentioned before but it is the atmosphere, with its creepy voodoo drums, that makes this movie work.


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