(Review originally written at 3 May 2006)

This movie shows what Laurel & Hardy shorts are all about. Crazy situations, silly antics and some crazy stunts.

This short is truly one of the best from Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. The story is very simple and basically only serves as a lame excuse to make the boys do some crazy things and to get them into some (unlikely) silly situations. The movie becomes absolutely hilarious due to its simpleness. The comical slapstick situations are top-class and absolutely hilarious to watch. The movie is fast paced which makes this movie an almost non-stop constantly laugh filled one.

The situations and troubles the two boys get into this time are highly original. The movie and its story might be simple but its comical situations are not. They are well build up, executed and timed.

This is what Laurel & Hardy is all about! One of their best and most typical shorts. An absolute must-see!


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