(Review originally written at 19 January 2005)

This movie knows to find the perfect balance between British and American comedy.

Both the British and American actors are working excellent together and are a great mix. Both act in their own styles with their own sense of humor. It makes the movie excellent to watch for both the fans of the British humor and the more 'forced' American comedy.

The story is really great, especially for a comedy which often just relies on its jokes and comical situations. Sure, "A Fish Called Wanda" also has got its weak moments, such as the whole side-plot with Ken Pile trying to kill the old lady. Yes, it's funny in a comical way but it doesn't really blend in with the rest of the movie.

Another thing that distinct this movie from other comedies is the wonderful cast. All of us of course already know John Cleese's comical talent but it really is Kevin Kline that steals the show. The best acting performance I have ever seen in a comedy! He really, really deserved his Oscar for this movie.

Hilarious comedy, watchable and recommendable for both the fans of British and American comedies.


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