(Review originally written at 27 October 2006)

Guess I was wrong. I thought that the Final Destination series could grow out to be a long series of movies, without ever loosing any of its power, as long as each movie would have new characters and settings in it. "Final Destination 3" however has lost lots of its power, when compared to the first two movies. This movie is definitely the least good of the series, not in the least because of its lacking originality and its level of predictability.

When you have seen the first two movies, this movie has very little new to offer you. Basically the storyline is the same and when you've seen the first two movies, nothing that happens in this movie should come as a real surprise. The false scares before the real big main scare, the upcoming deaths. When you've seen the first two movies, you're already prepared for all those things, so nothing comes as a surprise any more. It makes "Final Destination 3" not as powerful as the first two establishments of the series.

"Final Destination" had a plane crash. "Final Destination 2" had a huge pileup and "Final Destination 3" has a roller-coaster accident. Out of all the three this is definitely the least spectacular one. It's not as creatively constructed and quite frankly is also not spectacular enough. And above that, it also is quite fake looking, which doesn't help to make it any more believable.

The build up to the accident of the movie seems to take forever. It takes its time with its build up but without ever creating much interesting depth for the character. So basically the build up is an huge empty one, until finally the action occurs. After that the movie takes pace but yet also finds a way to put in some needless emotions that make things all the more less credible. The movie just has a bit too many unlikely elements in it, which does makes this movie an at times ridicules one.

But the movie also does some things well. The characters are all good. They're over-the-top and all extreme stereotypes but that works very well to the entertainment value of the movie. It makes the movie fun and the characters all likable, each in their own way.

The movie is still entertaining to watch, also thinks to its highly imaginative and creative deaths, although they unfortunately are not as good as in the previous two movies. But perhaps also the fact that this movie is not original and therefor also not surprising anymore, is the reason why the deaths in the movie don't work out as good, surprising and creative as in the previous two movies. Who knows.

All in all, the movie is still perfectly entertaining enough to watch but still I hope that this was the last establishment in the Final Destination series. Most of its power and surprises are already gone in this movie. More movies would definitely make things worse and will not be halve as good as the first movies, no matter how creative they will be.


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