(Review originally written at 28 October 2006)

Yeah OK well the cover-art is horrible but the movie itself is actually quite pleasant and entertaining to watch. Sure it's no "Lethal Weapon" but it sure is a good action comedy that entertains well.

The movie doesn't really have much story and even the little story elements that are present in the movie are far from interesting. It's weak and simple but yet the movie is made interesting and carried by Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn, who have a surprising good chemistry and the many action sequences present in the movie, that are not the best you've ever seen but entertaining nevertheless.

The movie serves its purpose well. The comedy elements in the movie work out well enough to make this an entertaining movie to watch. The characters aren't the best ever and are all quite formulaic but it's sort of fitting for a movie like this.

Mel Gibson does a good job in this movie. Basically he in this movie plays a bit of the same way as he plays his Riggs character in the Lethal Weapon movies. No wonder, Gibson made this movie just after "Lethal Weapon 2" and he clearly was in the mood for more. The result of that can be seen in this movie. He provides the movie certainly with a certain extra and gives the movie some extra fun. On top of that he and Goldie Hawn work pretty well as a screen duo, which does provide the movie with some of its best moments. Goldie Hawn herself is also surprising good in this movie and she shows that she can handle the genre. The villains are definitely a disappointing aspect about this movie. I mean when the main villains are being played by David Carradine and Bill Duke you would expect something more of it. The villains play a very little part in the movie and in it they get very little interesting to do. A waste of two fine actors. Some goes for the rest of the supporting cast.

The movie is from 1990 but it still has an '80's feeling over it. Meaning lots of formulaic car chases, shootouts, haircuts and two main, 'buddy team', characters. Plus some horrible '80's music. I mostly hate Hans Zimmer score from the early '90's. They sound like '80's left overs.

The movie is nothing too spectacular but it does has some great moments. Also the finale does not disappoint. The movie is professionally directed by John Badham, who never really made great movies but more movies that served their purpose always well.

Nothing too great but the movie deserves a better reputation, since this is some great entertaining fun, to watch.


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