(Review originally written at 17 December 2004)

"Enemy at the Gates" really looked like a promising movie when it came out in 2001. The end result didn't disappointed me but it's still a shame when you think about it how much better the movie could had been.

Loose the love story for starters! A love story on the background of a heavy historical battle simply is out of place and takes away the pace and make the movie less believable. The whole love triangle thing really gets even annoying after a while and the weak 'Hollywood' ending also didn't do much good to the movie.

The best scene's were most certainly the sniper scene's. Also the battle's were filmed with lot's of profession and visual style. The sets and costumes also added to the historical feeling of the movie and still make this movie a good one to watch.

Jude Law and Joseph Fiennes did a good acting job as the two main characters. Ron Perlman also shows up in a (too) small role. I really got interest in him after seeing this movie back in 2001 and I'm glad to see his career is doing well at the moment.

Certainly not the best war movie ever made but still enough stuff to excite the WW II buffs. Don't believe everything in the movie though, it is BASED on true events but nothing more than that...


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