(Review originally written at 5 August 2006)

This movie is a very poorly put together one. It has a disjointed story, a weak non-present plot and some not engaging enough characters. This movie is a failed attempt to mix teenage-comedy with horror elements.

Awful dialog, awful make-up effects, awful music (and I thought only '80's music had horrendous irritating music.) and weak acting. This movie is a failed one on many accounts. Everything about it is very simple and makes a weak impression. But really the biggest problem with the movie is its story. It's still not clear to me what the main plot line and purpose of this movie was. It's a movie that goes nowhere with its story and it makes this movie a rather pointless one to watch. It's still not clear to me who the main villain Lothos exactly was, what he wanted and why.

The movie is very poorly put together and its basically like the one event after the other without feeling an obvious connection. The way some sequences follow the other just doesn't make sense. It makes the movie a very disjointed and weak one that is also heavily flawed in its simple editing. It makes the story seem even more simple and pointless than it already was. Some of the events and sequences are so bad and simple that they even become laughable.

Basically the movie is a failed attempt to mix teenage-comedy with horror. The movie is mainly an horror one but made in comedy style. Only problem is that the comedy style doesn't work out at all in the movie. The movie just isn't a funny one, which is mainly due to its poor dialog and weak characters. The movie isn't even fun in a campy sort of way.

The movie has some great actors but the acting is weak. Kristy Swanson just isn't likable enough as the main character (who even is Kristy Swanson?) and the same goes for Luke Perry. Donald Sutherland is also in it in a sort of Van Helsing role but his screen time is not long enough to leave a big or impressive mark on the movie. Rutger Hauer as the main vampire villain sounds like a good thing but he is surprisingly disappointing in this movie. He tries to play his character with class but he just isn't scary or good enough in his role. It's a pretty shallow performance of him and it perhaps even feels like he is holding back. The supporting cast is way more impressive with some early roles from Hilary Swank and David Arquette and bit parts for Ben Affleck and Ricki Lake.

A really failed, disjointed movie that is weak on basically every account. No way I'm ever going to watch this mess again!


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