(Review originally written at 6 December 2005)

This is finally again a good old fashioned 2D-animated Disney movie that reminds me of some of the classic Disney's. It's a movie that has an heart and warm feeling and is perfect as good clean family entertainment.

I don't think that "Brother Bear" will grow into becoming a Disney classic, it's too formulaic and unoriginal for that but it however is still one of the few recently made movies that has this typical old Disney feeling, with a warm story and atmosphere. Like I said before, the story isn't terribly original and is some typical Disney stuff that already has been shown in some of their previous movies but it doesn't hold "Brother Bear" back from being a good movie but that didn't ruin the movie for me in any way.

The animations are simply great and the environment and the characters look fantastic. The characters themselves might not be the best, most fun and/or most memorable out of Disney history, they are still fun and easy to relate with. I can't say that I'm too happy about the casting of Joaquin Phoenix. I like him as an actor but he hasn't got exactly a good voice for an animated movie.

The movie might be at times a bit too scary for children and at times a bit too childish for adults but overall the movie in general is a perfect clean family fun entertaining one for all ages.

The fantastic music is from Mark Mancina and Phill Collins, who after "Tarzan" teamed up again for this movie.

It's a warm and entertaining movie for the entire movie. This is Disney the way I like it! Still the movie is a times too formulaic and it will not grow into becoming a Disney classic though.


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