(Review originally written at 6 December 2005)

I liked the first American Pie movie beyond expectations, so I of course was very interested in watching part 2 as well. It's like most sequels; it's more of the same old stuff that was already shown in the first movie. In this case that isn't really a complaint because it's good stuff to watch. It's perfectly entertaining and has some great memorable moments in it to also distinct itself from the first movie.

Once more the power of the movie lies in its characters. They are all a perfect bunch of characters and I was happy to see that almost every single actor from the first movie once more returned for this one. All of the actors still look good and comfortable in their roles. The characters are truly the reason why this movie is better than the average teenage comedy.

Even though there of course is very little story in this movie it still is a entertaining movie to watch that never gets boring. Once again the story has also a morale in it, which is a good but not an entirely necessary thing for this movie.

More hilarious and odd moments in this typical teenage comedy. Basically its more of the same but that's not a bad thing to say in this case.


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