(Review originally written at 20 February 2006)

There certainly is no other movie like "Brazil" and therefor it's a very unique one to watch, that is hard to describe. It's something you have to experience for yourself really.

The movie is an absolutely fascinating one, thanks to its visuals and strange imaginatively story. The movie is set in a strange alternative futuristic society, that is completely being controlled by the government. The sets and costumes look like they come from the '30's, while everything else in the movie is very high-tech futuristic like. It gives the movie an unique feeling and atmosphere.

It's hard really to describe the story because it's so multi-layered. everyone will interpreted the elements and visuals of the movie differently. It really is an imaginative movie that forces us to use our brain and own imagination. The visuals and story of the movie make sure we do so. The story has especially some great elements in it, such as the terrorism and the way the bureaucracy is portrayed in the movie. It's done all very over-the-top but it makes its point.

Jonathan Pryce is very believable in his role and he is a good main lead for the movie. Robert De Niro, Bob Hoskins and also Ian Holm show up in some small but very fun roles. Kim Greist however can't really act and she was quite distracting at times.

It all is masterfully directed by Terry Gilliam, who obviously is no stranger of making strange but yet unique and fascinating movies. The costumes and sets of the movie are extremely good and give the movie its unique feeling and atmosphere. Also the musical score by Michael Kamen is fun and good.

It obviously is no movie for just everyone but those who have a vivid imagination and like to be stimulated by a movie will be absolutely delighted by this movie. For them this is simply an absolute must-see and near-masterpiece.


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