(Review originally written at 20 February 2006)

Elmo sure is a cute cuddly...thing. But is he good enough to base an entire movie around? Sorry but no. The movie misses its target and the message of the movie is too muddled.

Most kids will probably find this movie not to be entertaining and stimulating enough. Therefor, The movie misses its targeted audience. Bert & Ernie seem like a last minute addition by the filmmakers to conceal- and distract from the scary parts of the movie. Grouchland shall not seem like a very nice place to go to, for young children. Huxley is a too scary and serious villain for a movie like this.

Of course it's no Muppet movie and the movie is filled with only characters from Sesame Street but also on its own, as a children's movie it isn't a very good one. Elmo's adventure is very dull and the songs in the movie are quite poor. Obviously the movie tries to send out a message to the children and tries to learn them sometime but it isn't handled exactly very well in the script and movie with as a result that the message doesn't really come trough.

Visually the movie looks like a children's movie but all of the dialog is only really fun for adults. There are some good jokes in the movie.

It's far from a horrible movie but the story and the end result, almost completely misses its target.


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