(Review originally written at 12 May 2006)

The movie starts of well. The story is nicely build up and the characters are portrayed nicely. The story itself is pretty well constructed and has some good thriller elements in it. Nothing too original but enough fine story material to make a good decent movie with. However in the last 30 minutes the movie loses all its credibility when the story becomes unlikely and the characters their actions also become ridicules to follow.

It's a real shame. Not that the movie had really much potential but it still seemed good enough material to make a pleasant, light easy to follow-thriller with. The actors certainly seemed to believe in the movie. It's too bad that after the well build up first halve, the second halve and especially toward the ending of the movie, all logic is abandoned and the movie turns into nothing more than a ridicules and unlikely thriller. All of the sudden several new characters pop-up that not only seem unnecessary but they are also lacking in fundamental things such as likability, credibility and depth. At times I didn't even knew who were the good guys and the bad guys anymore.

Bruce Greenwood does a really good job at portraying his character. Virginia Madsen also does a decent job but her performance is not as memorable. She also isn't always likable enough as the main character. Her actions don't always make her character believable and likable enough. Not Madsen her fault of course, just blame it on the script.

The movie is made without much style and flair. A typical made-for-TV movie. It's not the most exciting or original thriller to watch but it's still all decent enough, aside from the horrible final 30 minutes of the movie.


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