(Review originally written at 19 December 2003)

The combination between western and sci-fi can be called unique and it works surprising well.

It is too bad that "Westworld" looks a bit too much outdated today to be considered a great movie. Still some of the special effects look acceptable even though they are typical seventies (especially the computers, lot's of flashing lights, big silly buttons, etcetera).

The story is very original although it takes some time before it gets really started, only halve way through the movie the movie gets really interesting and exciting and some of the story lines are only distracting and needless.

But as I said the second halve is really exciting especially because of Yul Brynner who was really convincing and scary as a robot. He really reminded me of an early Terminator and wouldn't it have been great to have seen Yul Brynner as the Terminator or one of the Terminator villains like the T-1000. The ending however was a bit disappointing like often is the case in "old" movies.

I really love the way how they portrayed and made the wild West look, it really reminds you of an old classic western, complete with some nice moody music.

But what was with James Brolin? He acted so weird like he was drunk all the time and couldn't care what was going on halve of the time. No I didn't liked him and it made the friendship between him and Richard Benjamin's character seem very unlikely. But oh well...

Solid sci-fi movie that was ahead of it's time.


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