(Review originally written at 19 December 2003)

The movie has an excellent voice cast and some well placed jokes but it can't save this weak movie.

The biggest problem is the absurd story. but i's not only the story itself that is weak but also the beyond believe action that even for an animated movie is way too much over the top. It seems like the creators abandoned all logic.

A disturbing thing were the totally unnecessary computer animations, it simply didn't blended in with the normal animations and on top of that; it didn't looked very convincing. And about the animation itself; it was nothing new or special.

But the movie is far from bad. It has some extremely well placed and funny jokes and the characters are excellent and so is the voice cast, especially Joseph Fiennes was great. Further more there are some nice scene's that are also very original and worth remembering. The music from Harry Gregson-Williams was also highly enjoyable.

A weak movie but it has some nice elements in it.


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