(Review originally written at 25 February 2003)

Just don't set you expectations for this movie too high or else you'll end up disappointed. "Thir13en Ghosts" is not a new "Aliens", "Nightmare on Elm Street" or "Halloween", but nevertheless the movie is entertaining and good in it's very own way.

The movie tries very hard to created an "Aliens" like atmosphere but it never even comes close to it. It never becomes really scary and it lacks tension.

The acting is OK and the characters are fine with the exception of a few needless characters that just don't add enough to the story. Some of the plot twists are pointless and the movie lacks a good final.

The make-up however is fantastic, especially for the 13 ghosts. The special effects are nice too and only used when really needed which is a positive thing. The movie has a good quick pace and some nice camera-work.

The concept is good: A man and his family are trapped in a glass house with ghosts in it. However the execution of it could and should have been better.

But nevertheless it's a entertaining movie and well worth the 90 minutes of your time. Like I said before: Just don't set you expectations too high.


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