(Review originally written at 25 February 2003)

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is possibly my favorite Dutch movie ever.

The movie can be described as a mix between "Se7en" and "Jaws". It is scary, thrilling and funny at the right points. The atmosphere is simply brilliant but the action is even better. It has a speed boat chase in it were James Bond himself would be jealous of!

The story is set in Amsterdam. A diver in the canals is killing citizens randomly and the police is send to investigate this horrible murders.

The acting is for Dutch standards great with the exception of Tatum Dagelet and Edwin Bakker who are just plain horrible, but who can blame them they were only kids at the time. Especially Serge-Henri Valcke steals the show with his great acting skills.


However the ending ruins a lot. In the end it turns out to be that the villain is a character that we have had never seen or heard about before in the movie and is some kind of freak that had a accident with chemicals. Weird plot twist if you ask me!


You can call this movie a "Hollywood" Action/Thriller with some great Dutch humor in it. This movie can really bring you to the edge of your seat. I highly recommend this movie!


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