Crazy, but delicious. That probably is the best way for me to describe this movie, though there is absolutely no denying that it is not a movie for just everybody.

When you don't really have a big budget for a movie you can better get creative. Come up with something original and make it your own. This movie really is its own thing and it is also hard to compare it to anything else really. It is foremost a comedy, with a wonderfully entertaining and creative concept.

A wonderful thing about this movie is that it only features a handful of different characters in it and is entirely set in one and the same apartment, yet the movie never bores or begins to repeat itself. It almost constantly manages to surprise and entertain, and calling this movie predictable would be a lie.

Not saying that everything develops into anything too good though. It above all things remains a comedy, which unfortunately also means that the movie is often going for the safe road. This so easily could have been more than just a comedy and it also seems as if the movie was having some more dramatic and thriller-like ideas and tendencies in it, only to put them all to the side in favor of its comedy. It in a lot of a ways is a very daring and original movie, but at the same time it also remains far too safe with its themes and story-developments.

It however luckily remains a great movie to look at, at all times. It is a well made movie, that by no means ever looks cheap or amateur-like. It has a great style and visuals to it and with a slightly better story and more daring approach to it this very easily could have been an absolute must-see.

But it is also like I said; this movie isn't for just everyone. I can certainly see and understand how it would be an odd and uncomfortable one one to watch to some. It in some ways really is an art-house production, but this should never scare anybody off. Just try it, and you might end up liking it. I certainly did! Yes, even despite its weaknesses and missed opportunities.


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